"Fixer Upper is so out of the blue and not at all relevant to the plot! How could Disney use such an obvious time filler cop out in their movie???"

*coughs and hides I’ve Got a Dream, A Girl Worth Fighting For, A Guy Like You, Mine Mine Mine, To Be Human Again, Les Poissons, Skumps, What Makes the Red Man Red, Cinderellie, The Washing Up Song, and many, many other songs behind a curtain*


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kristoff, the really hot mountainman had a really big fat nose. and if you ever saw it, you'd say "wow that's a fat ass nose." all of the other ice harvesters used to laugh and call him names. they never let poor kristoff join in any harvesting games. then, one snowy winter night, anna came to say "kristoff, the big nose mister, won't you help me find my sister?" then how everyone loved him. the fangirls shouted out with glee "kristoff, the really hot mountainman, you'll go down in history!"

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